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About Me

Gabriel Turrigiano Nelson is an editor and colorist with a focus on narrative and experimental work. With eight years’ experience to draw from, their works range from music videos, narrative shorts and sports events, to documentaries, educational promotions and feature-length productions.

Their personal work, grounded in a fundamental empathy toward its subjects and characters, explores the liminal spaces between what we recognize, and what we’ve never seen before. Along with oft-collaborator Sierra Sanchez, they take joy in hand-crafting entire worlds and immersing viewers in convincing realities that couldn’t possibly exist.

Gabriel graduated in 2019 from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Film, Animation and Video. They enjoy presenting familiar or empathetic ideas in unrecognizable forms. They enjoy creating new worlds that can hold a mirror to our own. They enjoy inviting people to question parts of life that are often taken for granted.